JAPAN CIVIL NETWORK for Disaster Relief in the East Japan


Kyushu region


Date 26 February, 2013 (Tue) 13:30 - 16:30
Location TKP HAKATAEKIMAE City Center, Conference2
Section 1 : "Situation of the Kyushu region".
In this section, the attendance learned through the case reports by evacuees support organization in the Kyushu region.
  • Fukuoka Citizens Network.
  • Kizuna Project - Kitakyushu Conference.
  • Kizuna Project - Omuta.
  • Saga-Genki-Okuro Campaign.
  • Nagasaki Sokai Network.
  • Local Media 3.
  • Oita Volunteer and Civil Activities Center.
  • Umigame Tamago - 3.11 Network.
  • Mamatoko Kagoshima.
Section 2 : "Information providing".
In this section, the attendance could know the utilizable subsidy information utilized by support organization through the provision of information..
  • Hiroshima NPO Center.
Section 3 : "Exchange Meeting".
In order to connect with attendance each other, they shared ideas or challenges during their activities through interactive communication the group discussion. Secondary, JCN intended to be collecting the opinions and ideas from attendance through this section.
  • Facilitators Association of Japan.
Host Japan Civil Network for Disaster Relief in the East Japan (JCN).
Cooperation Facilitators Association of Japan.
NPO Mediage.
Attendance 34 organizations (40 people).



Section 1
Fukuoka Citizens Networkpdficon_small.png
Kizuna Project - Kitakyushu Conferencepdficon_small.png
Kizuna Project - Omutapdficon_small.png
Saga-Genki-Okuro Campaignpdficon_small.png
Nagasaki Sokai Networkpdficon_small.png
Local Media 3pdficon_small.png
Oita Volunteer and Civil Activities Centerpdficon_small.png
Umigame Tamago - 3.11 Networkpdficon_small.png
Mamatoko Kagoshimapdficon_small.png



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Video recording by NPO Mediage
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Video recording by NPO Mediage